Próximo Taller: El Yo Piel

Como he mencionado antes, el tema de lo corporal y el cuerpo en psicoterapia ha sido para mí de gran interés. En esta búsqueda encontré la obra de Didier Anzieu sobre el Yo Piel y es de ahi de donde se basará el taller del Yo Piel que junto con un gran colega y entrañableA Maple leaf, autumn coming in Toronto compañero psicoanalista, Arturo Herbert, presentaremos.

Este es el link del  “Taller del Yo piel”    próximo 21 de mayo del 2015 a las 10 hrs, Querétaro, Qro. y este es el link del evento general llamado AlterPsique, en el que además encontrarán diversos eventos como conferencias, talleres, presentaciones en vivo, etc. Dénle un vistazo, realmente vale la pena.



When something is good or wrong… Just dance!

It sounds like Lady Gaga’s song “Gonna be ok, just dance”. And sometimes so it is. For me dancing is a matter of flowing with your body in your space. Life is about flowing. I remember the movie “Memoirs of a Geisha” when Sayuri says to Nobu “What is sumo but a dance between giants? What is business but a dance between companies? I would like to know about every kind of dance.”
Life is movement. Which is one of the first sings to recognize something dead? That it does not move! Never stop, just move! Movement amplifies the possibilities, the spectrum of what we have seen or experimented so far. When something goes wrong, just move! When something is great, you move! Sometimes the current lifestyles we have in our societies tend to tell us not to move. I remember school when I was asked to be quiet, not to move. Today many educational institutions keep asking students to stay sat for 6, 7 or more hours. That is terrible! We need kids that move, that recognize themselves, that explore the movements their bodies are capable and that know and keep in contact with others by means not only of language, but of body-language. Sometimes playing soccer, running, moving, dancing, etc. provide kids of different ways to create contact with others. Even us as adults, we are able to explore other ways to communicate with others. Be a change in your space, you will see the difference.
I share one of my favorite pieces of contemporary dance “Petit Mort” by Jiri Kylian. Especially I simply adore the “Pas de deux”. Hope you enjoy as much as I do.