The Science of Learning: What lays between experience, Behaviorism and Constructivism for the educator?

The Journey Into Self

Humans have always gathered for explanations about everything that surround them. Natural phenomena like astrological events, natural disasters, and the human itself. However, how can we provide an objective explanation? Since the Greek, a distinction was made between doxa and episteme. The pre-Socratic believed that doxa was a particular opinion and subjective about a given topic. In contrast episteme was the universal knowledge, demonstrable, that has to be accepted as true (Bisquerra, 1998). From that concept we have the word epistemology, the study of nature and scope of knowledge itself. As a result, the scientific knowledge should be the result of the scientific method. Science is “an organized set of knowledge that has been acquired through the scientific method” (Bisquerra, 1998, p.2). The scientific method is then, a systematic process of which we obtain scientific knowledge, based on observation and experimentation.

Through experimentation, science identifies variables, correspondences, rules and…

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