How Gestalt Therapy changed my life

I am writing this post as a personal reflection of my inner thoughts and life memories. I went to Gestalt therapy when I was living a very difficult process in my life. Later on, I stopped my therapeutic intervention due difficulties in several levels. Even though, what I had earned so far, was a huge advance in my personal and affective state. I carry on my life and I went into therapeutic intervention once more. This time things were better. Gestalt therapy has been the most amazing thing I’ve ever face towards my Self, my thoughts, my believes, my conceptions, my whole life. I became aware of who I am, where I am and how I am. I had to face responsibility of my own choices and actions, knowing that I was the one that was actually feeling like that, doing like that. Nothing was a coincidence any longer, no victims nor anyone to blame for. I have learned that I cannot change what happened to me, the situations, the facts, the people, the way. But I CAN change the way I feel about them, the way I decide to face it, the way I want to live with it. I have learned to be aware of my feelings, and furthermore, to be aware of my here and now. To live in my present, rather than keep dwelling  in my past. To give different meanings to those things I cannot change, and that are part of my life. Gestalt therapy has been a gift in my life, has provided me of different tools that have helped me to be aware of who I am, how I feel, and how I can change my way of seeing many events in my life. I have learned a lot of me, I have grown as a human being.  Humanistic Psychology and Gestalt therapy have offered me new possibilities and are in a way empowering but as Uncle Ben’s said: with great power comes great responsibility. And responsibility of one’s life and decisions. Talking about a finished process is not possible, and it is good it’s not! We are human beings in constant chage, Autoactualization, as Maslow would point out. I can call this event as a milestone, and how Gestalt therapy changed my life.


What do you think?

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