The Beginning

It is a long time since I blogged for the last time. During this period, I have experienced very important moments of my life. I have lived a journey, full of significant events and matters that have forced me to change my perspective towards life. This has been a path through healing and recovery. Life is such an amazing journey, you can design some paths, you can direct others but there are some parts that are just untouchable, unreachable, and that we can just let them be. And letting it be-as the Beatles song, is one of the key points. Let it go. Sounds like an easy job, quite obvious and simple. Such simplicity couldn’t be easier. But it is certainly not. Sometimes we can’t let go, because we had made ours something that is not. Because we need it, or at least we think we do. Letting life happen, letting life flows, letting life be. My journey began when several issues came all together, a breaking point, a meltdown, an illness, a condition in which you cannot hide any longer, it’s just time to face it up. At that moment, that milestone, I realized that I should start this journey through healing, through recovery of myself and of my life, a path through my personal liberation. Sometimes we wonder if we are slaves of the political and social system, of media, but as I said, there are several things that we cannot control and we just can let them flow. But on the other hand, there are many- and believe me, many, many others, in which we can make the difference. It is just matter of perception, of positive thinking, of being grateful for what we have and stop mourning for what I lost or what I don’t. Welcome to this journey, and let us create a chain of positive people, positive thoughts and positive life.



What do you think?

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